Cement Prices

As From October 2021

Cement Prices Lowered

Prices of cement have considerably dropped since the beginning of October following an intervention by the Ministry of Commerce. This comes after widespread public discontent as prices of building materials have kept skyrocketing since June 2020. Following the ministry’s intervention, the major cement importers have started reviewing their pricing policy.

In a communiqué issued on the 29th of September, the local Lafarge branch has pledged its commitment to realign the prices of two of its products–Baobab Mazik and Baobab 6– with those of August 2020. The price of Baobab Mazik is thus brought down from Rs 147.90 to Rs 139.90 while Baobab 6 is pegged at Rs 134.60 instead of Rs 142.90.


Several factors caused by the pandemic, notably the depreciation of the rupee, the sharp rise of freight rates and the scarcity of ships have contributed to the looming price hike. However, working in close collaboration with the ministry, cement operators came up with solutions that would alleviate the burden faced by small and medium contractors as well as individuals wishing to build a house of their own.

“We believe construction is a key sector of our economic development. We are fully alive to the difficulties faced by our fellow Mauritians due to the increase in the costs of construction. For this reason, our company has decided to bring down the prices of adaptable Lafarge products. This will certainly have a beneficial bearing on overall construction costs”, says a communiqué of Lafarge (Mauritius).

Effective since the 1st of October, the new prices of cement apply equally to the Kolos company which has agreed to bear the high cost of freight on two of its products for a period of one month between the 1st of October and the 1st of November. The retail prices of Kolos Eco Plus and Kolos Finish will thus be brought down by Rs 8 and Rs 7.70.


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