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Since its incorporation on March 18th, 2019, AL JUMEIRAH PROPERTIES LTD has been active in the real estate industry. It is situated at Goodlands’ Morc Les Horizons. Al Jumeirah Properties Ltd is well known for its remarkable construction projects, including the acquisition and selling of residential and commercial properties.

Mr. Jeenally Shameem is the owner and manager of AL JUMEIRAH PROPERTIES LTD. He has been working in the real estate industry for more than 18 years,he also served as an agent for the purchase and sale of real estate. He gradually began buying and selling modest properties, and a few years later he started developing neighborhoods and villas. Al Jumeirah Properties Ltd was consequently founded.

The business has infinite freelance agents and 8 offices’ worth of employees.

The company is housed in a freehold building that is bigger than 10,000 square feet. Administrative, marketing, and reception departments are all present.

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